Community Center Rental

The Community Center is a non-smoking community facility and should be available to anyone that lives or works within the Village and surrounding area. Therefore:
  • The Community Center  and pavilion may be used for municipal and civic purposes by patriotic, civic/service and educational organizations.
  • The Community Center and pavilion may be used by any person, company, or corporation located within the Village limits for entertainment, recreation, or any other project of community interest.
  • The Community Center and pavilion may be used by any individual who resides within, or works within the Village limits (or surrounding area) for wedding receptions, family receptions, or any other gathering.
Rental and Deposit fees are as follows:
Resident                                                                                   Non-Resident (non-property owner)
$25.00 + deposit                      4 hours or less                         $35.00 + deposit
$50.00 + deposit                      4 hours or more (full day)        $60.00 + deposit
$75.00 + deposit                      2 day weekend                        $85.00 + deposit
$100 + deposit                         3 day weekend                        $110.00 + deposit
$60.00 + deposit                      Community Hall & Pavilion      $70.00 + deposit
$15.00 + deposit                      Pavilion only                            $25.00 + deposit
$25.00                                     Deposit                                     $25.00
Local Non-Profit Organizations upon approval of the Village Board.


Please check the Calendar for availability. Please complete the Rental Agreement form and mail with two separate checks (Separate rental and deposit checks) to P.O. Box 169 Nichols, WI 54152.
Rental Agreement
CC Usage & Rules